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Dear Customers,

Since the opening of Lotus Cafe in 2005, we have served this community through our dine-in services and Chinese Cuisine. Due to its freshness, fragrance, taste, and volume, our fair priced food has reached artistic excellence. Our foods are not merely dishes, but also carry the weight of our Chinese culture's profound history

Our Cuisine places the utmost importance on skills utilizing over ten cooking styles. Timing and heat management are vital in creating each dish's unique and savory taste. The art of Chinese Cuisine can be experienced in every bite. Carrying over more than 50 years of experience from being part of the Chinese food industry in Taiwan, I assure you that your Safety, Health, and Service are our No1 priority. The entirety of our staff has been trained in food safety, hospitality, and customer satisfaction.

The staff of Lotus Café provides excellent table service according to our Chinese Culture. Lotus Café at Alton Gloor provides mouthwatering dishes that are both unique and delicious. We serve five major Chinese Regional Cuisines: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan, and Sichuan. Also, our casual atmosphere and FREE WiFi makes us the perfect venue for your next Lunch or Dinner. Join us today for the incredible flavors of Authentic Chinese Cuisine.

We are glad to offer DRIVE-THRU and curbside pickup through phone and online order options for your convenience

Thank you for your continuous support. We look forward to providing the community with excellent food & service for many years to come.

Sincerly Yours,

Peter Yao

Master Chef and Host

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